Word It!

As of yesterday, we released our brand new word game, Word It!, a competitive word-building game that you can play with friends or random opponents.


Word It! can go by pretty quickly, but everyone gets better with practice. It just takes some fancy finger work to create as many words as possible before the clock runs out of time.

So how does the game work, exactly?

First, pick someone to play with. Challenge a Facebook friend or play against a fellow Word It! user. There are three rounds to play before one player is declared the winner.

The concept of the game is simple: Get as many points as you can by making as many words as you can. There are power-ups, of course, and other boosts to choose from to make the gameplay even more exciting. For example,numbers may come up in the mix in addition to the letters, adding more points to your score.


There are also power-ups that can freeze time, add more time to the clock and give you some helpful hints.

If you just want to play a quick round of Word It!, you can always test your luck at the Wall of Fame, featuring any and all Word It! players that score 1000 points or higher. Sound easy? Try it for yourself!

But aside from all of the play options Word It! has to offer, the best part about this game is that it’s free!

So don’t miss out on Word It!

You can download the game by clicking here.

What are you guys up to?

Hey everyone!

It’s been a crazy two months since we’ve released Word Derby. Within one week after the game was released, Word Derby already hit 20 million turns and was featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the App store!

Now that the game has been in the App store for some time, we’re excited about the Word Derby community that has come together on Facebook. If you haven’t liked the page, you can click here.

So what are we up to? As you might have guessed, Word Derby has been keeping us pretty busy. If you haven’t downloaded the new update, Word Derby now has a nifty new icon! We’ve introduced some new characters and along with our new daily gift feature as well!!

image   image

We also love to get feedback from our fans and we love interacting with them! If you’ve scored big in one game, make sure to take a screenshot and send your amazing word to us!

An Android version of Word Derby will be released on Google Play very soon, so keep an eye on our Twitter or Facebook page for these developments.

We hope you’re enjoying Word Derby! If you have any questions, please e-mail info@mentionmobile.com. Have a great day and see you at the races!

1.5 Update

Attention Word Derby users and Fans!

We are aware that our recent 1.4 update that was live for one day may have connected you to the account Adam B. I want to assure everybody who downloaded this update or experienced issues that your accounts have NOT been compromised nor your games lost. This is not a security issue as Adam B. is a producer on the game and this was a test account. Unfortunately a piece of code that we were testing with slipped into the 1.4 update causing some of you to connect to this user ID.

We have released a 1.5 update that will solve any issues.

How To Solve the Problem.

If you were one of the users that downloaded the 1.4 update yesterday please Follow these steps.

1. Delete the app off your device
2. Install a Fresh Copy of Word Derby 1.5
3. Login through your original account

This should solve any issues you were having.

Please know that our fans and users are extremely important to us and we want to do everything in our power to make Word Derby the best experience possible for you. If the few of you 1.4 users continue to experience any issues please message us here on the Word Derby Facebook Page or email me directly at ryan@mentionmobile.com and I will have my team do their best throughout the day to help each and every one of you.

Thank You,

Ryan Ozonian
President - Mention Mobile