Word Derby Update!

Hope you all are having a great holiday, everyone!

Word Derby is approaching its one month app store release anniversary, and we thought it would be fun to post a big ol’ update on everything Word Derby! We’ve received many thoughtful tweets, great reviews and helpful feedback about Word Derby, and we couldn’t thank you guys enough!

So without further ado, here are some of Word Derby’s highlights from this past month…


We love it when people tweet about Word Derby! Here are just a couple of the great tweets we’ve received:




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Players have also been active on our Word Derby Facebook page, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Zach posted a great screenshot on our Facebook page of his horse scoring major points!


In our latest update, we released a free Santa character (for a limited time only)! Doesn’t he look jolly?



Ever since its debut, Word Derby has received many great reviews! Here are just some of the outstanding reviews we’ve received…

Word Derby Review

"Playing it is also a lot of fun, which surprises me a little since I was a bit wary of the simultaneous turns thing. But it adds an element of excitement to each round." -148Apps

'Word Derby' Review - Makes Daddy's Gambling Problem Downright Kid-Friendly

"The gist of the song is that spelling against your rivals or friends relies on the luck of the draw: You might get “elephant” and I’ll get “tuberculosis” (a word I actually drew in the fourth grade, that I got eliminated from the spelling bee with)." -Touch Arcade

A Brand New Social Word Game: Word Derby

"I am actually pretty bad at this game.  So if you download this game and want an easy win, look me up and play me." -Asis Studios


Thanks for all the tweets, posts, likes and reviews so far!

Have a great New Year, everyone!

Have you seen us?

Almost a week after Word Derby debuted in the App store, we have been getting a number of fantastic reviews! Here are just some of our favorites:

Have Fun While Horsing Around With Your Vocabulary In Word Derby

"If you’re anything like us here on AppAdvice, then you must also be a big fan of word games… And pretty soon, we might just be adding another title to our list of favorite iOS word games. And that title is Word Derby." -App Advice

The Next Big Social Word Game is Also a Horse Racing Game

"I laughed when I read the setup for Word Derby. It sounded ridiculous. The best ideas often do." -Kotaku

Word Derby

"Stand out as you trot down the track by spending your hard-earned tickets on new jockeys such as Bella, the unicorn-riding princess; Arthur, the dragon-mounted black knight; and many more." -App of the Day

Thanks for the reviews, everyone!

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Thank You!

Only a day after Word Derby was released, we have already reached many a milestone including an overall five-star user rating and a place in the top 10 paid word games list in the app store. But none of this would have happened if it were not for all of you! So we just wanted to say THANK YOU and hope you all continue to have fun playing the game.

See you at the tracks!


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