G2TN: A Look at Lifelines

We’re pleased to announce that our newest Facebook trivia game, Get 2 The Nest, has been submitted to the App Store! This is an especially fun time for us in the Mention Mobile office as now we finally get to talk about our brand new app with all of you, our friends and fans. Without any further ado, let’s jump in!

There’s plenty of fun to be had in Get 2 The Nest. Your (adorable) goal is to get Li’l Birdie from the ground back to his nest! You’ll do this by answering questions about your Facebook friends and progressing from branch to branch. Seems easy, right?

Li’l Birdie on the right looking hopeful that he’ll get his Bonus Heart from Fenton the Duck and Get 2 The Nest!

Not necessarily! Certainly the time you spend on Facebook has prepared you for the challenge ahead, but G2TN asks the kinds of challenging questions that will wrap your brain into a mental pretzel.

How old is she again?”

"Oh, yeah, we did take that picture together last April!”

"Wait… where did they go to school?”

So what happens when you just don’t know the answer? It’s not game over, is it?!

No, it’s not! It’s the perfect time to use a Lifeline!

That is why today’s post is focused on the best time and place to use each of your three Lifelines as you get back to the nest.

Think you know your Facebook friends? Get 2 The Nest will make you prove it! You may have missed a profile picture swap or not seen a friend’s new haircut… Sometimes the nitty gritty details and small life updates can throw us for a loop. That’s why you’ve got three Lifelines to help you get to the nest, but remember - use them wisely!

Let’s take a look at our options.

The 50/50.

This lifeline removes half of the answers. Though this might be tempting to use in the earlier rounds when you’re only faced with two options (halving that leaves you with the right answer!), you should strongly consider saving it until later branches. Who knows when you’ll face a profile picture with a few friends in it; using 50/50 is just the advantage you’ll need to move up.

A good rule of thumb for using the 50/50: If you’ve got a good idea of the right answer, but not a great idea. Remove a few options and keep on climbing!

Ask the Expert.

Use this Lifeline and you’ll get the correct answer, but remember, you can only use it once! Save it for that time you’re absolutely stumped and you just need to move on.

Are you one question from the nest?

Is the next branch a bonus round?

Completely forget about your sister’s birthday (hope it wasn’t yesterday!)?

Break out this Lifeline, and hop bravely forward.

Question Swap.

This Lifeline can be used to switch a tricky question with an entirely new one. Let’s set the scene:

The clock’s dwindling down. Who’s older? Your roommate from college or your friend from high school? C’mon! You’ve been to both their birthday parties! But you were in the same grade as both of them… You’re out of other Lifelines… It’s best to switch out this question and start fresh.

Whereas Ask the Expert is a shortcut Lifeline, Question Swap is just a detour. You’ll still need to do the work, making this a very risky (but potentially rewarding!) proposition.

Use Question Swap if you run into a category with which you frequently struggle.

We’ll be back in a few days with another in-depth look at Get 2 The Nest. Stay tuned for more information and for an official release date!